Are you ready to transform your restaurant's fortunes and future with Sales Through Service?


Face it, too often we leave our sale success to chance - an accidental upsell, a random additional cocktail. That's why you're often frustrated - your front of house team are not selling or service as well as you want (or need!) them to! Selling is the number one activity your team need to be focused on, so why leave it to chance? 

That's why we created The Hospitality Masters. It's an ongoing development programme of exceptional Sales & Service training, delivered to you every month with full implementation guides and monthly bonuses to keep your Sales and Service scaling.

We want your waiting staff to stop waiting, and start selling.  

Is it time to transform your front of house team into Sales and Service Professionals?



The Hospitality Masters Membership

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What would change in your business...

If you had a way to grow your sales and increase your profits?

If your team could sell in a way that didn’t feel pushy or sleazy?

If your guests not only spent more money in your business, but actually enjoyed doing so?

If you had an endless bank of sales, service, social media and business growth support - available to you and your management team 24 hours a day - 7 days a week 

Sales Through Service can help you have wild success - faster and easier

Make More Sales ✔

Make More Profits ✔

Improve Performance ✔

Retain More Staff ✔

Get Better Reviews ✔

Build Better Business ✔

" This membership can transform your financial success - it's full time access to Hospitality Business Development "


Team member training and development on two of the most important activities your restaurant business performs - Sales and Service. 

We take your team members step by step on the key ideas behind: 

  • How to become a Sales Professional
  • How to understand your guests and their journeys with you 
  • How to do the Service LAPS throughout the Guest Journey 
  • How to deal with challenging situations when things go wrong
  • How to step up and lead with exceptional Sales skills and exceptional Service skills 


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Membership training for how to make sales via your Social Media channels. Build your online presence, your online influence and drive more reservations to your restaurant. 

We take members step by step through these areas: 

  • Monthly marketing strategy plan to deliver high quality engagement that leads to real profitable results
  • Photographs to inspire and imagery to use - to save you time, save you effort and a beautiful online brand presence
  • Never be stuck for what to say ever again - social swipe files you can edit and make your own


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Focus on growing and developing your business. Business development for Owners, Operators and Managers - and those striving to deepen their understanding of business growth.

We offer training and development for your and your managers:

  • Accountability - GSD

  • People Management

  • Handling the P&L 

  • Improving Your Profits

  • Atmosphere Architecture

  • Dealing with Discrimination

  • Grow more every quarter


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The Hospitality Masters

can change your business if...

You want your team to develop their sales and service skills

You can spare one hour a week to spend on developing your business

You want to upskill yourself and your team

You want to learn new skills from Industry leaders  

You're tired of spinning plates and not seeing real results for your efforts. 

This Membership is not a good fit for you if...

You want someone to come into your business and train your team members week in and week out. You would be better to employ a Learning & Development Manager for around £30k instead

You cannot spare at least one hour a week to focus on your business development and prefer to keep things exactly as the same as they are.

You do not want to upskill your team and prefer to keep everyone playing small and results sporadic. 

You are not willing to strive for excellence and want to cut corners when it comes to quality of products and offering exceptional service. If you products, premises and management style is low quality, with little care for the guests - sales will be a struggle no matter what. 

You're in this for the quick win - not the long game. Changes take time - but building a team of service and sales professionals not only changes your profits but the value of your business also. 

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