Increasing your restaurant sales through a deliberate guest journey

For a restaurant business to be successful - and highly profitable it can often be attributed to having solid repeating, loyal customer - from having a positive guest experience.

Guests are on an emotional journey when they visit your premises. By understanding and empathising with them lays the groundwork for not only meaningful interactions but to ensure that this emotional experience is a positive one

For this to be successfully delivered each and every time it needs to be clearly mapped providing a tangible framework for staff to follow. This allows your staff to stay a step ahead of the guest providing a pathway for a great experience and service.  

It’s become very clear the way and reasons, why people go out, has changed and so have their expectations. Hospitality businesses must invest in becoming experience-led which means optimising every guest touchpoint at every opportunity.

But what is a guest journey map? As The Hospitality Masters, we...

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