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Why Sales Through Service?

You’re already paying your team thousands every month… but are they waiting to be asked or serving and selling with confidence?

Many people wish they had discovered The Hospitality Masters sooner. Yes, we love to hear it but it’s true... our methods haven’t just helped struggling restaurants to up their sales. High performing teams have benefited by following our methods and staying sharp, having a better understanding what is working, and focusing on improving their service skills.

It goes far deeper than just making more money.

Increase Profits

We are passionate about giving your team the tools they need to sell more efficiently, with knowledge and with more authenticity.

More Smiles

Happier teams make happy guests and happier guests make teams. We want to create more smiles through service and sales.

More Freedom

Increase your top line sales without blowing your labour budget. We develop your teams into becoming better servers and better sellers.

“ Successful sales in a restaurant are not about selling what you need to in order to pay the bills. 

Successful sales are about serving the guests - in an exceptional way so they want to buy and want to tell their friends to buy too ”

Joy Zarine

Joy Zarine

For over fifteen years I have worked with industry leaders to create, market and build profitable, award-winning brands. I have worked with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to millions in revenue. From independent five star restaurants to international brands and the world's most popular venue The O2.

I am the author of best-selling book "The Five Star Formula - Create Incredible Guest Experiences That Lead To Five Star Reviews And An Award Winning Hospitality Business". I speak passionately at industry and business events about the topics of Guest Experience, Marketing to Millenials and The Five Star Formula.

“ The key to success is great sales. 

The key to great sales is a knowing a great sales system ”

Deon Van Niekerk


Deon Van Niekerk

With over 30 years of experience as a manager and owner of some of London’s leading hospitality brands, I bring a wealth of experience across the entire business spectrum.

I get incredible results for my clients through training and implementation, carefully listening to their needs, analysing their requirements and delivering effective solutions. The results are they have improved businesses through the benefit of having confident, informed, trained and prepared staff.

Sales Through Service

By following our simple but effective 4-step process each time your staff interact with your guest it will transform the business in terms of generating more revenue and improving the guest experience.

Live Events

The Hospitality Academy is so much more than watching training videos. We believe passionately about creating transformational methods, learning from  experts in our industry, sharing experiences and growing with one another.

Sales Through Social 

We’re not only fans of selling at the table, we believe you can sell through social media. Sales Through Social allows you create raving fans online that lead to bums on seats inside your restaurant.

The Masterclasses

We empower our members to connect with us and our faculty of experts. Industry experts from around the world are available for business, product and industry Masterclasses. Available on the portal 24/7.

Complete sales and service development

The Management Masters area includes business development, people management and industry product Masterclasses.


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Transform your restaurant team into Sales and Service professionals

This book sets out a method for developing your workforce from order takers who make accidental sales, into sales professionals delivering ambitious target driven sales. It focuses on transforming your business's profitability.